Nowadays more and more responsibility is loaded on a continuously decreasing number of shoulders. To safe time and money you need a partner helping you to look for the best source of supply in the continuously growing market of filteration and separation. The motto of Schulz Filtermedia is:

All products just from one source!

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of filter and screening technology, Mr. Wolfgang Schulz founded the independent company Schulz Filtermedia in 1986. Ever since the name Schulz Filtermedia vouch to a lot of customers all over the globe for competence as well in all questions relating to filter and screening problems as reliability and good quality at fair prices.

Thanks to a long lasting cooperation with partners worldwide Schulz Filtermedia is in a position to supply the right product at a decent price in more or less all fields of the filter and screening business. The procurement of filter and screening elements and parts as spares for more or less all existing filter and screening systems is the main target of Schulz Filtermedia’s activities.

Moreover Schulz Filtermedia offers you its long standing experience of marketing products worldwide as the right partner selling your products to many countries over the globe either as commission agent or distributor working on own account - and Schulz Filtermedia will also help you to build up a secondary marketing channel where needed.



Filter media, filter elements, screening elements

  • to be used as filter or screening elements for new equipments or as spare parts
  • for more or less all known filter and screening systems
  • for separation of solids, liquids and gases

in the shape of:

  • rolls, sheets and panels
  • punched parts
  • tailor made elements e.g. tubes, cylindres, candles and cartridges, hoses, pockets, cassettes

made of:

  • woven wire mesh in all weavable materials
    in particular stainless steel and heat resistant steel incl. Monel, Inconel, Hasteloy
    plain steel, also epoxy coated
    with openings down to 3 µm nominal
    also in broader widths

  • plastic woven mesh
    made of Polyamide, Polyester, PVDF, PTFE and others
    also in form of belts, open ended or endless for dewatering
    multifil between 30 and 120 g/m˛ and threads between 33 and 280 Dtex
    monofil with openings between 10 µm and 2.50 mm
    also in wider widths

  • belting material

- spiral belts

- link belts

- woven wire mesh belts

- self-tracking belts

  • perforated sheet metal in all patterns and quality incl. photo etched and eletrochemically produced
  • weld mesh in steel, stainless steel and galvanizedt
  • wedge wire screens, looped or welded
    (for instance as centrifugal linings)
  • expanded metal in all types and materials


  • porous filter media, sintered made of

- porous plastics, mainly HDPE

- stainless steel

- bronze

- ceramicsk

  • sintered metal fibres, stainless

All these products are used as filter or screening elements in practically all industrial sectors, e.g.:

  • precoat filters
  • extruders
  • filter apparatuses of all kinds
  • filter presses
  • hydraulic installations
  • sieve band filters
  • vacuum drum filters
  • screening equipments
  • centrifuges

and many others.

All these products are manufactured on either your information about the filter
or screening problem you may have, a drawing, sketch or simply a sample.
Enquiries for just one piece are as welcomed as for big quantities.